2014 AGM Minutes

The Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club Annual General Meeting was held yesterday after a successful, early morning ride. Successful meaning no injuries to bodies or bikes!

The minutes from the AGM are in the link below.

2014 Wollondilly Trailblazers AGM minutes

One significant change to come will be a slight name change for the club going from ‘Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club’ to ‘Wollondilly Macarthur MTB Club’.

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Mowbray Park Farm – post opening

Thanks to everyone who attended the opening of our new track at Mowbray Park Farm on Saturday the 18th of January. It was a hot day but we had a great turn out and everyone seemed to like riding the track. The feedback the club has received so far has been overwhelmingly positive and excellent for the continued improvement of the track.

Blair, Jacqui, John, Elise and the rest of the Mowbray Park Farm team were very happy with how the day went. Blair and his crew are looking forward to getting everything sorted out with the council as quickly as possible so we can start running club races and other events.

I think the track is looking better the more riders it gets on it. As WTB MTB Club members we can ride out there as long as we sign in at reception. Any rides at the moment will be considered as maintenance rides and bedding the track in is definitely maintenance. The reception office has club membership forms available if you want to take people out who aren’t members and they will have to join to ride at this time even if they have an MTBA license from another club. The best hours for riding will be 7-10:30am and 3:30-7pm. Between the hours of 11-3 tends to be the busiest time for MPF with horse rides.

If you do go for a ride at MPF, don’t forget these few points…

You must be a Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club member to ride the track.
• Sign in (and/or join the club) at reception down from the carpark.
• Please leave any gate as you find it, open if open or closed if closed.
• Give way to horses.
• Have fun!
• Wash your bike before riding anywhere else to help prevent the spread of dieback.

The track is no longer signposted so grab a map from reception if you aren’t familiar with the lay out.

I know I am going to forget some people and I apologise in advance for that. A massive thank you to the people who helped build the track over the past 10 months or so…

Geoff, Lance, Jason and Jacob, Glenn, Matt, Ben, Jacob, Grant S, Michelle offered lots of moral support, Joe and Fi from Chocolate Foot, Paul, Manda, another Grant (they seem to be everywhere in the world of mtbing), Mike, Kerry from Phantom Cycles. Obviously the people at MPF, Blair and Jacqui, Elise, John.

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Mowbray Park Farm official opening!

The official opening of the Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club track at Mowbray Park Farm that we have been working on since April 2013 will be Saturday, January 18th. The first 50 riders will receive a showbag with a few bits and pieces in it.

The track is definitely an XC track. It’s fast and flowy and has been tested using 26″ and 29″ bikes, male and female riders, 13-60 year olds and one crazy guy on a fatbike.

The venue is also a working farm so there should be plenty to do for the rest of the family.

Mowbray Park Farm page


When: Saturday, 18 January, 2014 – 8am until 4pm

Mowbray Park Farm is located just out of Picton. Enter off Barkers Lodge Rd. The track entrance is opposite the main carpark.

Update: The owners of MPF have said that unless you are a Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club member or holder of a current MTBA racing license you will not be able to ride the track.

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Mowbray Park Farm track official opening + more

The official opening date for the Mowbray Park Farm track that we have been working on since March, 2013 will be January 18th, 2014.

It is expected that local media will be at the event, so wear your best mtb gear!

In the lead up to this date, I will be at Mowbray Park Farm getting the track ready from January 3-17, generally from 8am. If you can lend a hand please let me know… grant.byrne@wollondillytrailblazers.asn.au

If anyone wants to be part of some promotional photos and you are available between January 6-10, please also contact me.

I look forward to seeing people out riding the track. 😀


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2013 AGM minutes

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the AGM yesterday. And thanks to everyone who has joined the club and/or helped with trail building this year. Your support has been appreciated.

We look forward to 2014 with some races being held, more trail building and hopefully, lots more social riding!

Minutes from the AGM can be found below…


2013 Wollondilly Trailblazers AGM minutes

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Club AGM

The Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club will hold it’s Annual General Meeting at 7pm, Wednesday the 30th of October at Picton Bowling Club.

If you are interested in learning more about the club, getting involved, or just want to chat with other local mtbers feel free to come along.

Please email grant.byrne@wollondillytrailblazers.asn.au to confirm your attendance.

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We are an IMBA Au member!

Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club is now associated with IMBA Au.


If you want to join IMBA Au you can now do so through the online membership.

Go to the last page of the ‘find a club’ link…  https://www.registernow.com.au/mtba/Clubs.aspx?R=NSW

Select JOIN next to the Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club box and you’ll be able to join online for IMBA Au and MTBA membership!

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Help ride the Mowbray Park Farm track in!

The Mowbray Park Farm track is now at the stage where it can nearly all be ridden as a continuous loop. Over the next few weeks I’ll be emailing club members to organise social rides of the track. These rides will be restricted to club members only, sorry.

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Trail Building

We have been working on the trail at Mowbray Park Farm for a while now and it’s all going really well. We have been getting a good turn out to the build days and forming a core group of people that attend almost every day with others turning up as their time permits. It’s great to see more people getting involved too!

The best way to keep up to date with build days is via our facebook page.


At the moment we are putting up videos of sections of the trail on the fb page, so if you can’t make a build day you can still see what the trail will be like.

If you want to help out feel free to turn up to one of the days and see what’s happening first hand. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had any trail building experience! We usually ride a loop of the proposed trail after building to get feedback and modify the route if necessary. You can do this without knowing how to build a trail. 🙂

If you are able to help out with materials that is excellent too. We are still in need of railway sleepers to complete a bridge or two.


With all of that in mind there are still two other areas we are working on gaining access to, but is a very, very slow process.

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Lots happening!

Since the last post we have been doing a lot of work at Mowbray Park Farm. Check out the Wollondilly Trailblazers facebook page for pics.

We have reached the half way mark for the first major crossing we’ve been working on from the start. Looking at the videos and pictures will show why it has taken so long. Some big rocks have been moved, a lot of tread benched in and the bearers put in place for the bridge.

While waiting for materials for the bridge we have finished the hard part of the second creek area and cut the trail through a grove of trees. Just today we had a good number of power poles delivered by Steve and Terry that will help with one more crossing and possibly a retaining wall for the first crossing. If anyone is able to provide some old sleepers they would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

The staff at Mowbray Park Farm have been extremely helpful through all of this so far. A test ride with one of the property owners was very well received and helped to fine tune some sections of the trail.

Feedback from test riders so far has been positive and used to modify some areas. There is still a bit of work to do but we are almost there!

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