Mowbray Park Farm – post opening

Thanks to everyone who attended the opening of our new track at Mowbray Park Farm on Saturday the 18th of January. It was a hot day but we had a great turn out and everyone seemed to like riding the track. The feedback the club has received so far has been overwhelmingly positive and excellent for the continued improvement of the track.

Blair, Jacqui, John, Elise and the rest of the Mowbray Park Farm team were very happy with how the day went. Blair and his crew are looking forward to getting everything sorted out with the council as quickly as possible so we can start running club races and other events.

I think the track is looking better the more riders it gets on it. As WTB MTB Club members we can ride out there as long as we sign in at reception. Any rides at the moment will be considered as maintenance rides and bedding the track in is definitely maintenance. The reception office has club membership forms available if you want to take people out who aren’t members and they will have to join to ride at this time even if they have an MTBA license from another club. The best hours for riding will be 7-10:30am and 3:30-7pm. Between the hours of 11-3 tends to be the busiest time for MPF with horse rides.

If you do go for a ride at MPF, don’t forget these few points…

You must be a Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club member to ride the track.
• Sign in (and/or join the club) at reception down from the carpark.
• Please leave any gate as you find it, open if open or closed if closed.
• Give way to horses.
• Have fun!
• Wash your bike before riding anywhere else to help prevent the spread of dieback.

The track is no longer signposted so grab a map from reception if you aren’t familiar with the lay out.

I know I am going to forget some people and I apologise in advance for that. A massive thank you to the people who helped build the track over the past 10 months or so…

Geoff, Lance, Jason and Jacob, Glenn, Matt, Ben, Jacob, Grant S, Michelle offered lots of moral support, Joe and Fi from Chocolate Foot, Paul, Manda, another Grant (they seem to be everywhere in the world of mtbing), Mike, Kerry from Phantom Cycles. Obviously the people at MPF, Blair and Jacqui, Elise, John.

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