Positive first inspection

This morning a few people came out to Mowbray Park Farm to check out the proposed mtb track. We looked at the terrain available, the possible loop, features to be included, the excellent views from different track points and some of the work already done. Discussions were positive and what I’d planned as a 1-1.5 hour tour went by super quick despite ending up being 3 hours long! šŸ™‚

Pretty soon I’ll start to put a call out for people to help with some track building. There is one particular point where 10 people might be needed for an hour or two. Keep an eye on our facebook page.

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A bit of luck = some success!

Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club will be working with Mowbray Park Farm to develop a mountain bike trail on the farm, to eventually be used for club races!

A fortunate conversation between a Mowbray Park Farm staff member and the guys at Phantom Cycles helped establish a connection between MPF and us. Subsequent discussions and tours of the venue have been very promising and we are starting to plan, map and design a track!

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Still working on the Tharawal-Appin area

Not quite the positive news I was hoping for on Thursday, but I’m still hopeful for further negotiation. Unfortunately I can’t elaborate too much on what’s happening in a public forum but we are trying to get Tharawal-Appin area formally open for mtbing again.

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Help formalise the Tharawal-Appin area for mtbing!

Since November last year we have been working towards getting the Tharawal-Appin area formailsed for mtbing again. If you’re interested in helping out the two best ways you could do it would be to join the club ($20 without MTBA licenseĀ http://www.wollondillytrailblazers.asn.au/membershipĀ ) or send a letter of support to

The membership is the better option for the club because it formalises the number of people we represent, but an individual letter will also help demonstrate the numbers wanting to ride at Appin again.

Things are looking positive at this stage and the more support the better!

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Happy Holiday Period!

We hope that everyone has had a happy Festivus, Holiday, Xmas or whatever other holiday you might celebrate at this time of year. Receiving or giving cycling related gifts is always cool, but sometimes socks and underwear are good too!

A few of us with the Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club have already been getting out a trying to work off some of the celebratory meals with some riding and trail work. We look forward to a great New Year with some big opportunities for the club in 2013. For the moment though we have a few rides planned throughout January. If you’d like to come out riding with us, both in the Wollondilly area and further afield, send us an email or post a message on our facebook page.

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Need an Xmas gift?

Struggling to find the right Xmas gift for someone? Why not a club membership? Details on the form and you can join without paying MTBA fees for $20!

Membership Page

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Working hard to find a suitable track location!

Small steps, but positive meetings with two councils this afternoon. We have been working on finding a track from the beginning and continue to do so.

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Hello world!

Hello All.

Over the next few months we hope that a few of you will join the club and support us in our efforts to gain access to an area, or areas, we can use for the development of a formalised mountain biking venue in the Wollondilly Shire. A significant amount of work has already gone towards achieving this and the formation of this club is one essential step in a very long process, as well as developing positive working relationships with appropriate stakeholders.

At the moment we are fortunate enough to be supported by Phantom CyclesĀ and Trailflix.

Please ask questions, but more importantly, join the Wollondilly Trailblazers MTB Club!

Grant Byrne


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